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Ashley Gernitz-Bennett is a composer and sound designer based in Toronto, working on projects for video games and film as well as commissions for solo instruments or small ensembles.


Her credits include a number of independent gaming titles as well as in short film and small chamber works. In collaborating with game developers, directors, performers and production teams, she helps teams realize their vision through inventive compositions and evocative soundscapes. Meaningful discourse and an insatiable curiosity are the foundations to her work approach.

It was during her years of performing in regional ensembles that she first began composing. Ashley moved to Montreal to further explore this passion, studying under the guidance of composers Brian Cherney and Melissa Hui, and holds a bachelor's of Music Composition from McGill University. She later became immersed in the cities' thriving film and video game industries, taking part in local game jams and collaborating on projects with Concordia University Television and Pixelles.

Since relocating to Toronto, she's continued to participate in the local gaming community. Currently, she works as a composer and sound designer at Zizzle Labs Inc, a mobile app developer.


Ashley draws inspiration from a range of genres, including classical, minimalism, jazz, and sounds of the natural/industrial world.

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